Top 5 business benefits to building a remote team

Top 5 business benefits to building a remote team

Many businesses have now been forced to start working remotely because of COVID-19. Building a remote team enables employees to practice social isolation to keep themselves safe and avoid passing on the virus on anyone else. But increased safety is not the only benefit of having a remote team.

Since virtual or remote teams are not physically present in the same space, they cannot perform some tasks like working on physical prototypes together (R&D teams) or showing clients properties (real estate professionals). Nevertheless, remote teams can be just as productive and handy as in-office teams.

Top 5 business benefits to building a remote team

1. Cost-efficiency


One of the key advantages of building a remote team is that they can be more cost-efficient than maintaining an in-office team. This is because businesses do not need to spend on costs like –

  • Office rent and maintenance
  • Utilities like electricity and wifi
  • Office equipment like computers, servers, and desks
  • Transportation for employees

As most remote employees work from their homes, they are responsible for most of these costs, which in turn help businesses in cost savings!

The only aspect where businesses need to spend on their remote teams is on the software that their employees need to perform tasks efficiently.

2. A pool of global talent

Another great characteristic of virtual teams is that they are not location-limited when it comes to talent. This means that your remote team does not have to work in the same and nor do they have to be in the same location. Therefore, as a business, you can hire anyone from anywhere in the world to join your remote team.

As you hire talent from all over the world, you don’t have to opt for employees living and working in the same location as you. Additionally, you can also benefit from hiring virtual employees from less expensive countries with lower salaries. This way, you can also get quality talent for less price.

3. Easy scalability


When businesses grow, they also need to scale up their operations. But scaling up business by hiring more employees comes with tons of other challenges like –

  • More office spaces
  • Addition of desks and chairs or setting up cubicles
  • Providing more office supplies, refreshments, etc.

But since the teams are working remotely, they can take care of their own work environment, equipment, utilities, etc. This means that you don’t need to spend any additional money on providing these things to them. You can employ as many employees as you need without thinking about disrupting your existing employee offerings!

4. Healthy work-life balance

Employees are more satisfied when working remotely. This is because they can maintain a more healthy work-life balance by working in a virtual environment. Flexible working hours allow employees to have better control of their life. They can therefore spend more time around their family, maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out at home and utilize leisure hours for hobbies.

With COVID-19 disrupting work activities everywhere, remote employees can seamlessly balance their work and home activities.

5. Host relevant meetings


Conducting meetings with in-office teams is very easy, but it might not be the best thing for your business productivity. As it is easy to conduct these meetings, the team tends to have them very frequently even though it might not be necessary and can be replaced with a simple email or message.

Such meetings usually take away valuable time from your human resources and can drain their productivity. As your team could be spread  across the globe, there are only a few selected hours when everyone is available. This requires your team to think before scheduling a meeting, ensuring that it is relevant and essential.


Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business owner, there are always advantages of building a remote team. Not only is it beneficial to your company, but it also keeps your employees happy. Remote teams help you hire the best talent from around the world and boost your company’s revenue immediately.

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