Automation 2.0: Choice of Marketing growth hacker

Automation 2.0: Choice of Marketing growth hacker

Is marketing automation 2.0 here? Yes, it finally is! Marketing today is not the same as it was 10 years ago. The same applies to marketing automation software and the channels used. Today, marketers are no longer in control of the customer buying journey. Everything is driven by data.

Many marketing teams use repetitive tasks like qualifying leads, sending emails to new prospects, posting on social media, etc., to provide a better brand experience to the target audience and customers. What’s more, is that marketing automation lets growth hackers measure the effectiveness and results of the efforts. Let’s take a look at how marketing automation 2.0 helps businesses grow and why it is the choice of marketing growth hackers.

Reasons why automation 2.0 is the choice of marketing growth hackers

1. Boosts marketing, sales, and productivity

One of the greatest benefits of automation 2.0 is that it immensely helps in saving time and efforts taken in performing repetitive tasks. When a marketing and sales team is not investing time on repetitive tasks, they can focus better on core competencies and achieve desired results. Using automation 2.0 enables growth hackers to do what they are best at and take the business to new heights.

2. Optimizes the purchase funnel

Optimizes the purchase funnel

The first step to a sales funnel is to collect leads. However, nurturing them and then converting them into buying customers needs high responsiveness. Your leads need to be engaged if you want them to buy from you. Studies have shown that companies that respond to new leads within the first hour can push them deeper into the funnel by 7X. Automation 2.0, therefore, offers platforms that can engage in swift responses. 

3. Delivers higher ROI

Delivers higher ROI

There is no denying that automation 2.0 brings in huge ROI. Marketers and growth hackers who implement automation software have seen a 20% increase on average in new sales opportunities. Therefore, almost 80% of marketers and growth hackers invest in marketing automation.

4. Reduces rate of churning

It has always been said that it costs a lot less to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. However, automation 2.0 gives you the correct data and insights that will help you more effectively address your existing customer problems and provide better service or support. This will eventually win over their loyalty and trust towards your business. Another added benefit is that it adds to the overlying ROI of marketing automation.

5. Improves the effectiveness of marketing efforts

In addition to improving marketing productivity, automation 2.0 also helps in improving effectiveness by enabling tracking and monitoring of your marketing efforts, identifying and making changes to your strategy, etc. With deep insights as to what is working and what isn’t for your business, you can achieve sustainable growth.

6. Provide support anywhere

Another great benefit of automation 2.0 is that it takes into consideration a lot of activities and performances even when you are away. One such benefit is automatically resolving your customer’s problems to win their trust in your brand. It lets your customers know that you care for their needs.

7. Make the most of email marketing

Make the most of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most widely used marketing channels as it lets you nurture prospects, gain new leads, and promote your products. Automation 2.0 provides you a holistic strategy that extends beyond your choice of software, thereby building engagement with prospective customers. What’s more, is that it connects your message through every relevant channel and with the context that your prospects expect from you!


The world of marketing is changing so much more than ever! Businesses today need to embrace technology and provide customer experiences that are highly unique and engaging. Only then can they grow and make the most of marketing automation 2.0. Businesses need to invest in automation today, or they will be left behind and forgotten. Implement Marketing Automation 2.0 into your marketing strategy today!

Which channels of Automation 2.0 do you love the most? How has marketing automation changed your way of business? Let us know in the comments below!

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